Pro Talks

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Inspired by an idea Jamie saw on a Fashion Blog, Pro Talks is a monthly interview feature where we talk to authors about their writing and reading habits. As well, we find out more information about an author’s upcoming or newly released novel. These will be posted on the third Tuesday of each month.

For interested authors, we recruit for this feature starting in July of every year! We will tweet out the sign-up and post it on here as well.

Pro Talks 2016 Authors

Here is a list of “Pros” we are hosting in 2016. Clicking on the author will bring you to their Goodreads page; clicking on the date will bring you to the interview.

Month Author
February Lauren Bird Horowitz
March Nicole Tone
April S. Usher Evans
May Briana Morgan
June Alex Siegel
July Kathleen Smith
August Elise Kova
September Sarah Porter
October Destiny Soria
November Julia Ember

Upcoming in 2017…

Month Author
January Emily R. King
February Laurie Devore
March Jennifer DiGiovanni
April Katie A. Nelson
May Kayla Olson
June Kate Watson
July Paula Stokes
August Rachel Neumeier
September R.K. Gold
October Tracey Neithercott
November Michele Bacon
December Mia Siegert