Author Services

Note: Dani is currently unavailable for proofreading until the end of March due to university conflicts. Jamie is still available for beta reading.

Collectively, we offer beta reading, proofreading, and marketing services. To request a review, please see our Review Policy. With any and all of our services, it is up to our discretion whether or not to commit to a project. It would be a disservice to both the author involved and to us to invest our time in a project we did not want to completely stand behind.

The genres we accept for all of our services are as follows; please see our About Us page for which members enjoy which genres:

  • Young Adult Fantasy
  • Young Adult Science Fiction
  • Young Adult Contemporary
  • Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Young Adult Paranormal
  • Young Adult Romance
  • Young Adult Mystery
  • New Adult Fantasy
  • New Adult Science Fiction
  • New Adult Contemporary
  • New Adult Historical Fiction
  • New Adult Paranormal
  • New Adult Romance
  • Adult Fantasy
  • Adult Science Fiction

Please see our Prices page for more information about our Beta Reading and Proofreading services, including combination and custom packages.

Beta Reading

What to expect

Our beta reading will consist of inline comments alongside a completed questionnaire worksheet that we use for all our beta reading, which you can view here. We will state our suggestions as constructive criticism. You are free to email us about questions or concerns you have about the comments we have made inline and in our worksheet via our email after we have sent you our completed worksheet and the manuscript with the inline comments. We will respond within 12-18 hours, which could vary depending on our availability. We will inform you if there is to be a delay in a response.

Should you update and revise your manuscript, we may be willing to reread either the entire work or sections that are highly changed. This will be done upon request and may not be able to be fulfilled depending on demand and schedules. To view the cost of this, please see the Prices page.

We will take an in-depth look at:

  • Characterisation, including motivation, story arcs, distinction, etc.
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Writing craft
  • Overall impression
  • Specific characters and events

If there are specific aspects of the novel you wish for us to look at/for, this can be fulfilled upon request. It must be stated in the email to us prior to our acceptance of your manuscript. If you believe your book would be best suited for one of us specifically based on our preferences and your book demographic, please note this in your email as well. Depending on demand and schedules, we will do our best to accommodate this request, however it may not always be possible.

What not to expect

We will not revise your manuscript. While we will give you feedback and pointers, we will not rewrite it for you. This service is strictly for the highlighted aspects above, and, therefore, we will not look for any editing and proofreading components. You can see the guidelines for proofreading below. If you would like a combined beta reading and proofreading service, please see our Prices page.



What to expect

We will edit your manuscript for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, tense and typographical errors. We will take a look at your word choice and sentence structure to make sure your language flows logically and consistently. If you have any particular areas of concern, we will do our best to address this and provide comments to bring any issues to your attention.

Upon completion of the proofreading, we will return:

  • A marked copy, showing all comments we provided and corrections we made
  • A revised copy of your work, with the corrections accepted and the comments removed
  • A separate document in which we will share any additional comments, recommendations and suggestions that will add to the comments made in the original manuscript

If you have questions or require further assistance after you have received the edited work, we will continue to be available to you and provide assistance if necessary. We’re ready to answer your questions and elaborate further on comments and recommendations provided in the edited document. Our work is only done when you indicate it is (within reason!).

What not to expect

We will not revise your manuscript or provide feedback on the areas listed under our beta reading service. If you would like a combined beta reading and proofreading service, please see our Prices page.

What we need from you

We would appreciate the following information about each book to be provided to us before we make a decision:

  • Title
  • Series and book number in series
  • Genre(s)
  • Synopsis
  • Page count
  • Word count
  • Warnings for the book, if necessary

Upon approval from one of our team members, we will email you back with a confirmation. At this time, a tentative date of completion will be provided; this will typically be around three to four weeks from receipt of the manuscript, however, depending on demand, timelines may increase. Specific completion dates can be done upon request, however rush turnaround time may result in additional charges. However, if we do not think we will be able to finish reading and editing before the end of four weeks, we will email you and give you an updated timeline.


Accepted Formats

We ask that all books being beta read are sent to us in Word Document format. For proofreading, we prefer Word Document format. If you’d like to do things the old-fashioned way, we also accept physical manuscripts sent via signed-for post. Regardless of whether you send a digital or physical copy, we ask that you use a standard, legible font in at least size 10, single-spaced.

For beta reading, if the book is part of a series and not the first in said series, we ask that any previous books are provided to us in order to ensure consistency and character development throughout the series.


Marketing Services

Marketing Kits – £15/kit

Give us your headshot and bio, and we’ll do the rest! If you want to market your book, you also have to market yourself. This is also very useful to send to blog tour hosts and bloggers so they have all the relevant information they need to easily whip up posts featuring you and your books.

We will put together a Word document that you can send out that includes the following:

  • Headshot
  • Author bio
  • Author links, as applicable
    • Website
    • Goodreads
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Amazon
    • Tumblr
    • Blog
  • Book jacket
  • Book summary, either from Goodreads or from you
  • Book links, as applicable
    • Kindle
    • Chapters Indigo
    • Kobo
    • The Book Depository
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Nook

For an additional £10/kit, we will also create HTML versions of the above so bloggers can easily add them to their posts.


Website Critique – £50/website

Have an author website but not many hits? We can help shape your website to be more user friendly! We will go through a checklist of 10 items to see if you tick all the boxes and what can be improved upon. We will send you our recommendations of what should be included, excluded, etc. If you make changes and wish for us to take another look, each subsequent critique will be £15/view.


Query Letters for Bloggers – £20/letter

As bloggers, we know what we and others look for when authors make a review request. Send us your general letter for a once over where we give you pointers to help better your chances.

Any subsequent changes will cost £10/email exchange.

Alternatively, send us the link to the blogger you wish to query, along with the letter you will be sending them, and we will read it over for the price of £25/letter.


Synopsis Critiques – £30/synopsis

You’ve written the book, and now you have to describe it in 100-200 words. We will help you create the perfect synopsis that excites readers without giving away too much of the plot.

You sends us a detailed outline (preferred) or the manuscript to read so we can make sure the synopsis is an accurate portrayal of the content. We will both read the synopsis and make individual comments, then discuss with you after our comments and further brainstorm ways to improve the synopsis.

With a detailed outline, our turnaround time is 48-60 hours; with a full manuscript, our turnaround time is two weeks (14 days). If you require us to read your full manuscript and a quicker turnaround date, please note that this will be an additional charge based on the amount of time that you require us to turn it around in.

Any subsequent rereads of the synopsis will cost £15/reread after our initial comments and discussion with you, the author.


Outgoing Review Requests – Varying Prices

Don’t have the time to find bloggers who may read your book? Let BAMF do the work for you! We will search out for bloggers who prefer to read your genre and email them a review request for you. We will read through review request specifications and determine who the best fit is. As bloggers, we know what we want out of review requests and will be able to write the perfect review request. This does not guarantee you any reviews, but it saves you time – which you can spend writing your next novel!

Prices are as follows…

  • 5 Bloggers: £50
  • 10 Bloggers: £90
  • 15 Bloggers: £130
  • 20 Bloggers: £175
  • Do you want us to send them to more than 20 bloggers? Email us and we can quote you depending on how many you want!

Incoming Review Requests – Varying Prices

Do you receive a lot of emails requesting review copies of books but don’t have the time to read them all? Let BAMF do this for you! We will take over your review requests and select the bloggers who will receive the copies of your work! We will look over their stats, profiles, blog, and read some of their reviews to determine if they would be a good fit for your novel. Let us do this so you can focus on writing!

Prices are as follows…

  • One Month or 15 Emails Read, whichever occurs first: £60
  • Two Months or 30 Emails Read, whichever occurs first: £100
  • Three Months or 50 Emails Read, whichever occurs first: £175
  • One full year: Negotiable, please email us about this!

Have Another Project For Us?

Send us all the details and we will discuss with you your options and prices! We are open to running street teams, putting together blog tours, and more!