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Here at BAMF we are always looking to shine the light on authors and their books. And what better way to do so than to hear about a book than from the author themselves? That’s why we have started our Pro Talks Feature where we interview an author about their book(s) and get the down low on characters, plot and anything else they want to share with us about their life as an author! You can find your next great read here.


Today’s Guest Is

About Jennifer DiGiovanni

Jennifer is a freelance writer and YA author. If she's not reading or writing, you can probably find her working on a home improvement or home design project. She also likes to try new sports and activities, from archery to ballroom dancing.


BAMF: What is the best part about being an author?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Writing is my creative outlet and simply having the opportunity to spend time doing what I love is the best part for me.

BAMF: What are the hardest scenes for you to write?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Without a doubt, the sad scenes are hardest for me to write, to the point where I sometimes avoid it. I know they need to happen, but I need time to work up to them. And when I’m editing and working through all the emotions again, it’s hard. But necessary.

BAMF: Do you find it difficult to balance being an author with the other aspects in your life?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Although I always wish I had more time to write, I find that it’s also helpful for me to take a break and step back from my work. When I’m away from the computer, an idea might pop into my head that I wouldn’t have thought of if I’d been staring at the screen. Being a freelance writer is also good for me, because I mix in shorter pieces with the longer novels I write.

BAMF: Which of your characters did you find it easiest to write?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Sadie and Becca were probably the easiest to write because they were the first characters I created. Now, as I expand into new books, it gets a little harder because I want to try writing about different people with different experiences. I’m always looking for new characters and I type up notes when I come across an idea I might want to use in the future.

BAMF: What has been the best book you’ve read in the past six months?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Lady Jane was a recent favorite of mine. I loved how the three voices sounded completely different, but the plot moved along steadily. And of course the complete alteration of history was pretty hilarious. As far as contemporary YA, I liked the Romeo and Juliet aspect of The Lovely Reckless. Also, I just finished The Hating Game, an adult romance, which was really fun.

BAMF: Why does your main character, Sadie, work so hard not to live up to “expectations”?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: Sadie has certain expectations forced on her and her knee-jerk reaction is to rebel. She doesn’t want to date someone just because everyone else in the world is telling her it’s a good idea. She’s caught up in thinking about Andy a certain way. But, the reality is that he’s changed and she’s changed. This shift between them is hard for her to grasp.

BAMF: What kind of shenanigans do Sadie and Jana get up to in MY SENIOR YEAR OF AWESOME? Are there any items on the girls’ list of things to do in Senior Year that are on your own bucket list?

Jennifer DiGiovanni: The list is all about forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new things before the opportunity is gone forever. Although I didn’t feel this way in high school, I do remember thinking about this a lot during my last year of college. Graduation was looming and real life, or as we now say, “adulting,” had started to take over.

I don’t have a formal bucket list, but I like to try new things. Sadie and Jana’s shenanigans tend to result in epic failure. But, that’s okay. You don’t have to be the best at everything. You can try it and have fun with it, but you don’t need to make a career out of it. It’s all about the experience and living life to the fullest.


About Their Work

Pro Talks with Jennifer DiGiovanniMy Senior Year of Awesome by Jennifer DiGiovanni
Published by Swoon Romance on March 1st 2016
ISBN: 194481616X
Pages: 304
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It’s the final semester of senior year, and everyone at Harmony High can’t wait to find out the results of theSenior Superlative votes! But the balloon bursts in Sadie’s face when she discovers she’s been voted “Most Likely to Get Married” to Andy – a boy she’s never dated or ever thought of as a potential boyfriend. Completely and utter mortification sets in.

To prove high school means something more than a Senior Superlative award, Sadie and her best friend Jana decide to create their own list of awesome non-academic achievements to be completed before graduation.

Yet, the harder Sadie works to show everyone she’s not the least bit attracted to Andy, the more appealing he becomes. Typical for the girl who can’t seem to achieve anything important, even the completion of one lousy college application.

When senioritis kicks in and the school year dwindles down to mere weeks, Sadie decides to risk her good girl reputation to prove that an Awesome Achievement means much more than any Senior Superlative vote. By the time Sadie realizes her epic screw-up, she just might have lost her chance at the prom date of her dreams.

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