Air Awakens Series ReRead!

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Happy Monday! As you guys may know, we here at BAMF are the Moderators of the Goodreads Air Awakens Fan Club! As the release of Earth’s End is getting closer, we decided to host a reread of the ENTIRE AIR AWAKENS SERIES to get us ramped up about the release! With Elise’s Tale From The Front tour happening, everyone has been developing more and more theories about what exactly happened at the end of Fire Falling. Sometimes you need a bit more evidence, so we decided that over the next two weeks we will reread the entire series to try and piece it all together.

You can use the forums on Goodreads to discuss your thoughts and theories (but try not to post spoilers, there is an actual Theories forum discussion that is a dedicated spoiler zone!). If you’re not on Goodreads, you can also use the hashtag #AAReRead to join in on the discussion. Feel free to tag us in those posts but we will also be perusing the hashtag to comment on what we think as well! The reread schedule looks like this:

Air Awakens

  • Tuesday Jan 26: Chapters 1-5
  • Wednesday Jan 27: Chapters 6-9
  • Thursday Jan 28: Chapters 10-13
  • Friday Jan 29: Chapters 14-19
  • Saturday Jan 30: Chapters 20-24
  • Sunday Jan 31: Chapters 25-26
  • Monday Feb 1: Chapters 27-28

Fire Falling

  • Tuesday Feb 2: Chapters 1-3
  • Wednesday Feb 3: Chapters 4-6
  • Thursday Feb 4: Chapters 7-9
  • Friday Feb 5: Chapters 10-12
  • Saturday Feb 6: Chapters 13-15
  • Sunday Feb 7: Chapters 16-18
  • Monday Feb 8: Chapters 19-21
  • Tuesday Feb 9: Chapters 22-24
  • Wednesday Feb 10: Chapters 25-28

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We know that it is a lot of reading over the next two weeks so as an incentive, we are also hosting a giveaway for 2 ebook copies of Earth’s End, an Air Awakens cover print and a Fire Falling cover print! That means four people who participate will be able to win something! You can get your entries in from today until February 12th. Hope you guys enjoy rereading the series — or reading it for the first time!

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3 responses to “Air Awakens Series ReRead!

  1. I’ll only be able to read AA, as that is the only one I was able to get at this time. I’ve just finished chapter one and am hoping to complete today’s quota . . . letting my sister borrow my PC makes my focus on reading slide around 🙁

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