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Books Are My Fandom was established in October 2015 by Dani and Jamie. True to form, BAMF was the result of a book. A single book, independently published, that we both received an Advanced Reader Copy for. In July 2015, we struck up individual conversations with this book’s author, who then introduced us to each other. Since then, we have become digitally inseparable. Learn more about us below.



DaniDani is a doer of all things with an international background. She currently resides in the UK, but she’s lived in South Africa, China and Japan. While she can’t speak Mandarin or Japanese very well, she’s rather fluent in various English dialects. You can recognise Dani by her chameleon accent and often brightly coloured hair.

Dani has been reviewing books at Dani Reviews Things since April 2015. Her favourite genres are YA Fantasy, Dystopia and Paranormal, but she also reads Contemporary, Science Fiction, Magical Realism, while NA anything is her guilty pleasure. She has a thing for faeries, and not the pink and sparkly kind.



JamieJamie lives over the ocean in a small town in Canada. She is a forever student and thus is returning to school in September 2016 for her Masters in Political Science. She moonlights as a book blogger and catches up on Netflix shows when she is laying in bed wishing she could sleep.

She’s been blogging at Books and Ladders since May 2015. Since Jamie can’t ever really say no to a book, she reads all varieties of Science Fiction and Fantasy, YA Contemporary, YA Historical Fiction, and YA Fairy Tale/Mythology Retellings.


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