Convince Me To Read (25): I’ll Tell You In Person by Chloe Caldwell

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Convince Me To Read (25): I’ll Tell You In Person by Chloe CaldwellI'll Tell You in Person by Chloe Caldwell
Published by Coffee House Press on October 4th 2016
ISBN: 1566894530
Pages: 208

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Flailing in jobs, failing at love, getting addicted and un-addicted to people, food, and drugs—I'll Tell You in Person is a disarmingly frank account of attempts at adulthood and all the less than perfect ways we get there. Caldwell has an unsparing knack for looking within and reporting back what's really there, rather than what she'd like you to see.


Jamie’s review

I read an email from Publishers Group Canada about nonfiction books coming out in Fall 2016 and as soon as I read the summary for I’LL TELL YOU IN PERSON, I preordered it right away. I must say I was not disappointed. This collection of essays is everything you need when you’re feeling as though your life is spiralling out of control or if you need a boost in the right direction. But be warned, this will give you an existential crisis if you are feeling lost. However, it will always make you feel less alone.

Caldwell has a knack for understanding how the little things play into the larger picture. She takes the moments in her life that seem small while they are happening but have a huge impact on the trajectory of your life. Chloe takes the emotions she feels and the stories she has and makes them relatable to everyone who picks up her book, even if you haven’t had something similar happen.

Reading these essays was like wrapping myself in a warm blanket and telling myself everything would be okay. I had a lot of feelings while reading it and know it is one of those books that every time I read it, I will get something new out of it, especially if I read it at different points in my life. This is a great book, one I highly recommend to those in transition in their lives or just want a great read.

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I bought a copy of this for Dani so I have been successful in at least getting it into her hands. I have told her that it will make her feel better and worse about herself and her future so she needs to read it. WHAT MORE CAN I DO????? Fly to London and force her to read it? Or maybe read it to her as a bed time story??????? Dani, should I come do that?

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