Blogger Advice: What To Do When You Dislike A Book You Requested

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What To Do When You Dislike A Book You Requested

So you’ve requested a book you’re really excited about and get approved! That’s awesome! But now you’ve read it and realized that you just didn’t like it, whether you rated it less than 3 stars or DNF-ed it. How do you handle this?

Today’s blogger advice post will give you some tips about how to professionally handle those books you disliked that you just weren’t quite fond of.

Be Honest

Don’t just rate a book higher because you want the publisher or author to hold you in higher regard. Your audience deserves you to be honest, especially about the books you disliked. You should be brutally honest about why you didn’t enjoy a book so that others can weigh judgement about it before picking it up.

Post Your Review

On Books and Ladders, I don’t generally post DNF reviews but this is only because I read so much that DNF reviews feel like filler to me. On BAMF, we definitely post DNF reviews because we typically are reading the same book so one of us may finish while the other doesn’t. It gives people a good balance about what was working for one of us and what wasn’t working for the other. Even if you just post a DNF review on Goodreads, still post a review.

Send Feedback

If you received the book from NetGalley, send feedback via the form. This is just your DNF or negative review.

If you received the book from a publicist, you should still email them back with your negative review. This is awkward, but it is better that they know you have read the book rather than thinking you never followed through.

Here is an easy email template if you are unsure about what to say in this email:

Hi [Name],

Thank you for sending me a copy of [book title by author]. I appreciate the opportunity to read and review it early. Unfortunately the book and I didn’t connect and I [was unable to finish it/rated it poorly]. I have posted my review here: [link]

I would love to continue to work with you in the future on upcoming releases that you believe would best suit my blog, audience, and my interests.

Thank you,

Promoting the Review

You should still promote the review and let people know why you didn’t like a book. I think this is especially true if it is a popular book that has minimal negative reviews. Let people know your thoughts because they are important! However, do not tag authors in these tweets about your negative reviews. Would you want to see negative reviews about yourself? Didn’t think so.


What do you do when you dislike a book?

3 responses to “Blogger Advice: What To Do When You Dislike A Book You Requested

  1. This is a great (and very helpful) post! I luckily haven’t had this happen to me yet, but every time I request a book, I get a little nervous that I won’t enjoy it. Just the possibility of that happening makes me feel bad, haha. But it’s definitely important that reviewers are honest and share their genuine thoughts rather than say what they think publishers want to hear.

  2. This is a great post. I’ve gone back and forth with rating DNF’s on GR {I don’t review on the blog.} I definitely write a brief review stating why I didn’t finish. The rating is an entirely different thing. It seems unfair to rate something I didn’t finish, but you can’t see the review on GR unless there’s a rating.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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