Blogger Advice: Tips to Juggle School with Blogging

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Sometimes we need a little help with our blogs and that’s okay! BAMF has been through all the hoops while setting up all of our blogs so we have some great advice for you so you don’t make the same mistakes as us. That’s what Blogger Advice is all about!

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Tips to Juggle School with Blogging

Dani and I are both in our grad school programs (Dani is doing her MBA and I am doing my MA in Political Science) so we both have exponentially less time for blogging than we did when we were just working. We have found that there needs to be 48 hours in a day rather than 24 so we can get everything done that we need to! How do you balance working, school, socializing, sleep, blogging, and reading? Well, sometimes you prioritize one over the other and sometimes you have to make a choice. But today I have some tips for you to not get too stressed about your blog while you are busy with everything else!

Schedule Your Blog

Plan in advance and stick to that schedule. Do you have holidays coming up? Take that time to spend an hour or two getting posts ready for the future! It has really been a life saver for Dani and I to have BAMF ready until the end of the year so that we just have to edit or add links rather than create full posts the night before they are to go live.

Another helpful tip is to plan out the reviews you are going to do over the course of the next couple months so that you know what you have to read and by when! I have a really helpful post for organizing both your blog and your reading here!

Make Time For You

Blogging is a hobby. Repeat that to yourself in the mirror every day if you have to until it is ingrained in your mind. This is just a hobby and something you are passionate about, but if you aren’t getting paid for it, then you do not have an obligation to anything! Read those ARCs when you have time, post a review when you have a chance, do a Top Ten Tuesday this week if you want to, but you do not have to do anything you do not want to.

It is so important to have self care time. If that is just watching Netflix or spending time with your friends, then do that. Don’t worry about your blog, it will still be there when you feel like attending to it.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Don’t sign up for a review tour or blog tour if you don’t have time. Don’t request ten books if you are only going to read one. Make sure that you are only signing up to do what you know you will be able to do. The opportunities will be there in the future when you have more time. If you sign up for too much, you will just stress yourself out when it comes to the deadlines.

Take A Hiatus During Heavy School Times

Do you know when midterms and exams are? Then go on hiatus during this time. Don’t try to do anything other than what is most important (studying) during this time. If you need to take a break and want to read, that is completely fine, but don’t sign up to do something that you know you will have to bow out of once the time actually comes up.

Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help! Need a guest post? Ask a friend. Need someone to vent to about school? Ask a friend. That is what friends are for! And everyone needs help at some point.


How do you balance blogging and school?

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