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Here at BAMF we are always looking to shine the light on authors and their books. And what better way to do so than to hear about a book than from the author themselves? That’s why we have started our Pro Talks Feature where we interview an author about their book(s) and get the down low on characters, plot and anything else they want to share with us about their life as an author! You can find your next great read here.

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About The Book

Pro Talks: Destiny SoriaIron Cast by Destiny Soria
Published by Amulet Books on October 11th 2016
ISBN: 1419721925
Pages: 384
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It’s Boston, 1919, and the Cast Iron club is packed. On stage, hemopaths—whose "afflicted" blood gives them the ability to create illusions through art—captivate their audience. Corinne and Ada have been best friends ever since infamous gangster Johnny Dervish recruited them into his circle. By night they perform for Johnny’s crowds, and by day they con Boston’s elite. When a job goes wrong and Ada is imprisoned, they realize how precarious their position is. After she escapes, two of the Cast Iron’s hires are shot, and Johnny disappears. With the law closing in, Corinne and Ada are forced to hunt for answers, even as betrayal faces them at every turn.


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Today’s guest is …

Destiny Soria discussing Iron Cast

BAMF: Describe IRON CAST in 10 words or less.

Destiny Soria: Magic, mobsters, and two best friends kicking ass.

BAMF: What genre do you find yourself writing in most? Is this the same as what you read the most?

Destiny Soria: YA fantasy is definitely what I love to write the most, and that’s also what I love to read. That’s not to say I don’t love a good contemporary now and again.

BAMF: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Destiny Soria: For a Slytherin, I’m not all that ambitious. I love writing too much to ever stop, and if publishers want to keep publishing my books, and readers want to keep reading them, then all the better.

BAMF: What was your favourite scene to write in IRON CAST?

Destiny Soria: There’s a scene where Corinne punches someone who really deserves it, and that scene still makes me giggle evilly.

BAMF: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Destiny Soria: Enjoy being able to subsist on ice cream and chicken nuggets while you still can.

BAMF: What makes Corrine and Ada’s friendship so special? Did you base these characters and their relationship off of anyone you know?

Destiny Soria: I think what’s special about their friendship is that it’s the most important thing in both their lives. There’s nothing in the world that can come between them, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. Their friendship is a conglomeration of a lot of friendships I’ve had or currently have in my life. I’m lucky to have found friends who stick by me through thick and thin and when I’m whining about a stomachache from eating too much ice cream and chicken nuggets (see above).

BAMF: How did you create the magic system for the world in IRON CAST? How does it influence the history that we “know”?

Destiny Soria: Hemopaths are people who have a special, unidentified element in their blood that gives their creative talents a magical bent. For example, Ada is a songsmith, which means she can manipulate people’s emotions through music. Corinne is a wordsmith, and she can create lifelike illusions by quoting poetry. Hemopaths also have an aversion to iron, which makes life in a big city like Boston pretty tricky. The world in Iron Cast looks more or less the same as our history books tell it. There are the same prejudices and fears. In 1919, World War I had just ended. The Red Scare was picking up steam, and people were terrified of communism spreading to America. Prohibition was on the verge of being passed into law. But on top of all that is the problem of hemopaths. They are treated as second-class citizens, but at the same time, they hold the populace in awe at the secret shows put on by hemopath clubs. It’s glamor and danger balanced on a knife’s edge—which I think is an excellent way to describe the Roaring Twenties as a whole.

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About Destiny Soria

When I was a little girl, I wrote a book entitled Horses of All Kinds (complete with illustrations and staple binding). I’ve been writing ever since, though with fewer crayons. I grew up in a tiny town in Alabama that you’ve never heard of, where I spent my summers playing with sticks in the woods and exploring such distinguished careers as Forest Bandit, Wayward Orphan, and Woodland Fairy Princess.

Since none of those were actual college majors, I settled on English, so that I could read and write to my heart’s content—and earn a degree while I was at it. After college, I ran away to New Zealand for seven months, where I only pretended to be a character from Lord of the Rings on special occasions. The rest of the time I backpacked across the wilderlands, petted fluffy sheep, and gave tours of a haunted prison.

Nowadays I live and work in the shadow of the mighty Vulcan in Birmingham, AL. In my spare time, I hula hoop badly, direct a Shakespearean web series called Shakes, and snuggle with my cat Sophie (named for the witch in Howl’s Moving Castle, of course).

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