#Interview: The Fourth Piece by E. Ardell

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We have an interview for you today with the author where we ask them in depth questions about their novel! At the bottom of the post you can win a lot of different prizes so make sure you keep scrolling to enter! But first let’s learn more about the book!

#Interview: The Fourth Piece by E. ArdellThe Fourth Piece by E. Ardell
Published by 48fourteen on July 8th 2016
ISBN: 1937546624
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Admitting what you are will end everything you know. Embracing who you are will start a war...

Life is great when you’re good-looking and popular…so long as no one knows you’re a vulatto. Being half-alien gets you labeled “loser” quicker than being a full vader. So it’s a good thing Devon, Lyle, and Lawrence can easily pass for human—until the night of the party. Nothing kills a good time faster than three brothers sharing a psychic vision of a fourth brother who’s off-world and going to die unless they do something. But when your brother’s emergency happens off-planet, calling 9-1-1 really isn’t an option.

In their attempt to save a brother they barely remember, Devon, Lyle and Lawrence expose themselves to mortal danger and inherit a destiny that killed the last four guys cursed with it. In 2022, there are humans and aliens, heroes and monsters, choices and prophecies—and four brothers with the power to choose what’s left when the gods decide they’re through playing games.

Book I in the Order's Last Play series



BAMF: Describe THE FOURTH PIECE in 10 words.

E. Ardell: Four Brothers. One Prophecy. Worlds Apart. But don’t tell Mom.

(Hahaha, I did it!)

BAMF: What was the hardest scene to write?

E. Ardell: The hardest scenes to write had to do with trying to explain the prophecy and the past in a way that wouldn’t drown readers, but still get a lot of information across and not be hokey. I had a lot of people read through those chapters as I rewrote, revised and tweaked, asking each what they got out of the scenes and how they felt about them. It got pretty frustrating.

BAMF: What was the most challenging thing about creating an alien race?

E. Ardell: The most challenging thing is remembering all their little ticks. I have multiple races, some look human, some don’t, and they all have certain slang unique to their race. I have to keep track of it or I’ll have characters using the wrong terms. I also have to remember distinct looks and traits. I try to keep character bibles about different races, but I’m always adding things or taking traits away. I’m also notorious for changing things and not making a note of the change ANYWHERE, because I assume I’ll remember. You know what it’s like when you put something away in a weird place because you just know that you’ll look for it there again—NOPE.

BAMF: Where do you like to write?

E. Ardell: I love to write on location. I’m always exploring mom and pop coffee shops with good hotspots and food. (Food is a must!) I’m a writer who needs background noise and I love to people-watch. I move around a lot, and though I’ve been in my newest city for about three years, I still haven’t found a favorite writing nook yet. So, I end up doing most of my writing at home. I have a papasan that I’ve set up in a special reading corner surrounded by bookcases. I usually curl up on it with my laptop and write with the Comcast Soundscape channel playing.

BAMF: What is your favourite book about aliens?

E. Ardell: Hmm… this one’s hard. I immediately wanted to answer Ender’s Game, but the book is about humans fighting hostile aliens. Eventually, we do learn more about the alien race, but I don’t know that I’d describe the book as being about aliens. So, then I think maybe G. Clifton Wisler’s Antrain Messenger series., but it’s been so long since I’ve read that series (I loved it as a kid) that I don’t know that I’d feel the same way about it.

So, then I think about Catherine Asaro’s Saga of the Skolian Empire. I’m not a fan of every book in the series, but there are certain ones that I’ve read numerous times: Diamond Star, The Ruby Dice, and Carnelians. I know some people hate on Diamond Star with a vengeance, but it’s got everything I love: hot young prince (who ends up getting a record deal and becoming a big rock star while undercover as a civilian), complicated family dynamics, bromance, snarky characters, psychic powers, and interplanetary politics. I love science fiction and fantasy stories that take the time to focus on difficult familial relationships and bonds between siblings. There are so many books in the saga, that I do tend to favor the ones that feature my favorite characters.


About E. Ardell

E. Ardell spent her childhood in Houston, Texas, obsessed with anything science fiction, fantastic, paranormal or just plain weird. She loves to write stories that feature young people with extraordinary talents thrown into strange and dangerous situations. She took her obsession to the next level, earning a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Maine where she specialized in young adult genre fiction. She’s a big kid at heart and loves her job as a teen librarian at Monterey Public Library in Monterey, California, where she voluntarily shuts herself in rooms with hungry hordes of teenagers and runs crazy after-school programs for them. When she’s not working, she’s reading, writing, running writers critique groups, trying to keep up with a blog, and even writing fan fiction as her guilty pleasure.


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