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Series Finales

I have a love-hate relationship with series finales. On one hand, they wrap everything up and the story is done. On the other hand, THEY WRAP EVERYTHING UP AND THE STORY IS DONE. Do you see my dilemma?? I think for me, I find that a lot of times I just don’t read series finales. There are a couple series that I haven’t finished because I’m just so nervous for the characters and what the author might have done that I just haven’t read them.

For me, I find that if I am heavily invested in a series, I am less likely to finish it. I just worry that it will have a disappointing ending and it will impact how I feel about the series as a whole. This has happened so often that I build it up in my mind that all series finales will do this. Which definitely isn’t the case! Most recently, my biggest fear was THE RAVEN KING by Maggie Stiefvater not living up to what I needed it to be and while it had some cliche elements to it, I was overly pleased with how this book ended the series!

I think with series finales, a lot of the pressure we put on them are in our head. We have headcanons and ideas for where a story should go and project that onto the books and when our idea doesn’t happen — or doesn’t happen exactly how we anticipated — we get angry and upset about the series as a whole.

But for me, there have been some series finales that have really WOWed me. I am definitely in the minority with the ending of the DIVERGENT series by Veronica Roth, but I LOVED how ALLEGIANT ended! I think sometimes we need to step back from what other people are saying and just read to have fun and enjoy ourselves!

I think we have to remember that it is the author’s story to tell, not ours. The author has their idea and opinion on how a story should go and since it is their story, they should be allowed to tell it however they wish. We as readers need to respect this and continue reading to support this author.

At the same time, there is this thing called FanFiction, so if you’re not completely happy with how a book series ended, you can probably find a better ending on AO3 or fanfiction.net! 😉

Series I Have Yet To Finish


How do you feel about series finales? Which series finales have disappointed you?

3 responses to “Discussion: Series Finales

  1. OMG you need to finish the Inheritance Cycle! I was really happy with how that ending turned out. Also I LOVED how Allegiant ended. I hate that people don’t see how awesome it is!

  2. I feel you! I mean, would be excited and terrified but I would always read the finales. I need to know what happen with my babies! And yeah, when I don’t like the ending, usually tumblr and fanfiction are my escape route haha! I dislike Allegiant as a whole, but quite okay with the ending. I feel really bad for Veronica for all the hate she had to handle though.

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