Blogger Advice: Social Media Etiquette on Instagram

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Why Social Media Etiquette is Important…

Branding is extremely important when you are presenting yourself online. How you act on your social media accounts will determine how people view you – and subsequently your blog. While all publicity is good publicity if it is intelligent, it is important to ensure that what you are conveying on social media is the way you want others to perceive you. There are many social media websites, and using them all is important, especially using them correctly. We will be doing a series of these Social Media Etiquette posts to help bloggers realize what their downfalls might be when interacting on social media websites. Today’s post is going to focus on Instagram, the picture sharing website where people look at books, dogs and filter their lives to look better.

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Instagram: Visual Blogging

Instagram is an obsession of mine. I love looking at pictures of people’s lives, the books they are reading and animals. People use filters a lot, but I love seeing what people are doing at the time. You can see Brittany from Book Addict’s Guide post on how to use Instagram. This post today is going to talk about the best way to use Instagram without stepping on any toes.

Tagging People

When you post a picture, you can tag people in it to either show them your photo or to give them a shout out. As well, tagging someone in the picture could be a part of a specific tag challenge. It is fun to tag people in challenges or to interact with others this way. However, don’t be excessive with this.

Much like with Twitter, some people use Instagram as a way to give reviews of a book. Therefore, if you are discussing a book in a positive manner, feel free to tag the author and the publisher. You can either tag them directly in the picture or in the comment you provide under the picture.

Tagging Pictures

The best way to find other pictures – and to have others find your pictures – is through the hashtags you use in your comment under the picture. Generally, if you have less than ten hashtags, you should put them in the caption section under the picture. However, any more than that should go in a separate comment under the picture. This allows you to have the hashtag without clogging up your description of the photo.

Some of the most commonly used hashtags in bookstagram are: #books #instareads #bookworm #booklover and #booknerd but feel free to use hashtags that best describe your picture!


This should really go without saying, but do not steal other people’s pictures. You can look at them for inspiration but do not repost without proper credit. There are many different apps that will let you repost the picture to your account while giving credit to the person who originally posted the photo. For those of you who do use Instagram, I highly recommend placing a watermark on your picture somewhere near the centre so that it cannot be easily cropped out.

And that’s it! Do you have any other tips and tricks for how to best use Instagram? Leave a comment below!

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