Two Peas in a Pod (2): The Sidhe by Charlotte Ashe

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One of the features here at Books Are My Fandom is our Two Peas in a Pod Review. We will read and review a book as a team. We are choosing books we each haven’t read that sound good to us. Feel free to email us at with your suggestions for books that Dani and Jamie should read!

Two Peas in a Pod (2): The Sidhe by Charlotte AsheThe Sidhe by Charlotte Ashe
Series: The Heart of All Worlds #1
Published by Interlude Press on July 21st 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 442
Format: paperback
Source: The Book Depository

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Since his childhood, Brieden Lethiscir has admired The Sidhe, the beautiful and magical beings native to the Faerie world outside his homeland of Villalu. Though he grew up in a culture accepting of Sidhe enslavement by Villalu’s elite, Brieden finds that he can no longer tolerate the practice when he becomes a steward to Prince Dronyen, who is viciously abusive of his sidhe slave Sehrys. Captivated by the handsome and mysterious sidhe slave, Brieden vows to free and return Sehrys to his homeland.

As they escape the capital and navigate a treacherous path to the border, Breiden and Sehrys grow close. Breiden soon learns both the true power of The Sidhe, and that the world that he thought he knew is not what it once seemed. If they survive to reach the border, he will have to make a choice: the love of his life, or the fate of his world.


Dani’s Review

DNF @ 26%

I liked the start. I did. But then it went downhill.

I’ll keep this simple. This is fanfiction with the names changed, and it reads like fanfiction. But with original names.

I was getting along ok until I put this down to read other things. A month later, I figure I should finish one of the several books set to currently reading on Goodreads, so I pick this up again. A couple pages in, and I thought ‘nope’.

I actually like fanfic, but I read it to get more of characters and pairings that I already love. Fanfic is different from original fiction. With original fiction, you have to start from the beginning with everything: characters, world, background, etc. With fanfic, you have a lot of that worked out for you. Sure you might put the characters in an AU, but you and your readers already know the characters. So that’s where this fell down. While there was some world-building (and a map), there was barely any character development.

The other thing about fanfic is that readers will tend to seek out pairings they like and then have the fanfic fulfil their need to see the pairings together. You can get away with a lot of gratuitous gooeyness and sex in fanfic that would just seem ridiculous in original fiction. (Except for erotica. There is a lot of gratuitous sex in erotica. I mean…that’s basically what it is.)

Once the two characters had had sex, it was just…too much. I love romance, but this was overwhelming. You know how you feel when you see two loved up teenagers constantly making goo goo eyes at each other, ignoring the rest of the world? That slightly ill feeling? I mean, my threshold is quite high, but UGH. Even I started to feel sick and annoyed and bored…TWO PAGES INTO READING IT AGAIN.

So no more. I’m done.


Jamie’s Review

DNF @ 33%

I wanted to like this one and to keep going because of the premise but I just couldn’t do it anymore. Honestly, I was skeptical after 34 pages because the whole first chapter was so rushed and contained basically all of the worldbuilding. Which blew my mind because this book is over 400 pages long! What should have been AT LEAST 100 or 150 pages at the beginning to introduce characters, setting, the world, etc. was reduced to a single chapter. And it wasn’t enough — or good enough — to really keep my interest. But for sake of trying, I soldiered on.

But I was even more disappointed. I was hoping for a lush world of fae and humans but got a lot of, well, not that. I’m not quite sure what we got except a couple who was travelling through any generic “Fantasy” world, basically. None of the characters were introduced properly and because of this, I couldn’t understand their motives or really stand behind their relationships. It was just assumed I would know who these people are which confused the crap out of me.

Then I found out this story was originally a fanfic (which you can read here) which is 100% fine, except it also explains why I didn’t enjoy the introduction. Fanfic runs on the premise that we know the characters already and therefore doesn’t spend a lot of time introducing the characters or the setting. And that is exactly the downfall of this story here. As well, the sex scenes that I read felt like fanfic sex stories.

I really wanted to like this one but I just could NOT get there. The lack of character development from the beginning combined with rushing through worldbuilding and way too much travelogue made this a DNF for me.


Overall Thoughts

We both had to give up on this one, though Jamie was stronger and made it through more. It was just too clearly fanfic, and for a fandom that we weren’t interested in. The world-building was marginally ok, but there was no character development. It also had too much fluff that overwhelmed a mediocre plot.

Would we recommend it? No.

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