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Posted June 30, 2016 by Jamie in Discussions // 5 Comments

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Subscription Services I Want

There are so many awesome subscription boxes out there but man are they ever expensive! Shipping to Canada kills me so here is my wishlist of boxes I would subscribe to if I had unlimited funds…


I purchased one month and loved everything I got in it but it was just too expensive for me to continue to pay for it.


Everyone gets OwlCrate and I just really want in on it but it is just way too expensive to ship to me. They get so many awesome limited items that I would love to get my hands on!


As someone who wants to get more into reading literary fiction, I think Lit-Cube would be perfect! Since they don’t ONLY send out YA books, I would be able to expand my reading into new genres!

Amoda Tea Monthly Tea Box

I drink a LOT of tea so getting new flavours delivered to my door would be amazing. As well, they also sell teas on this site so if I really liked one I could purchase even more of it!

My Tea Box

It’s a Canadian based company so I would love to support my fellow Canadians! Three teas equaling about 15 cups of tea a month is ideal!


You do a personality test and they match teas to you that you should receive. That way you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy the teas you receive! Hello, this sounds great!


If you know me, you know I love anime and manga so a subscription box JUST for that is ideal! But the cost + shipping is just way too much tbh.

Fandom of the Month Club

Fandom inspired jewelry is GREAT. It is an easy way to be bookish and geeky while still being able to be business professional! I actually subscribe to this one, as does Dani!

Once Upon A Bookcase

Bookish phone cases every month along with a couple other items to match the theme. This sounds GREAT and they have them for so many phone options!


Do you subscribe to any boxes? Do you want to? Which ones?

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5 responses to “Discussion: Subscription Services I Want

  1. The Canadian shipping really is a buzzkill on so many subsciption boxes, especially Owl Crate. Everyone is always talking about that one in particular so it’s hard that it’s so expensive. I did however, sign up for Half Blood Prints, and it was 21.53 CAD to get it per month including shipping and taxes and everything

  2. Molly's Book Nook

    Uppercase and LitCube are the best ones to me. I am still subscribed to Uppercase and I love that they have the reading experience with it. LitCube is nice because they include some indie authors, so you don’t always get those hyped up books. I actually am not a fan of OwlCrate. I felt like the items were aimed towards younger people, so I didn’t find much use for the stuff. I also love FOTM. That one is fun. There’s a new-ish one called Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books which is a good one as well 🙂 (I’ve tried out a lot of subscriptions haha)

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

  3. Shipping prices are always a pain! I hadn’t heard of some of these. The tea ones sound cool. I would love an OwlCrate box but again the shipping is expensive 🙁

    The only subscription box I’ve bought is Fairy Loot–the July box I just got is really cool!

    You’re a Manga fan? Any recommendations? I’ve wanted to read more–only read one.

  4. nice thread for tea,but my favorite is black tea from halmari tea, which have it’s own tea manufacturing plant and provide’s best and fresh tea all over the world.

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