Discussion: Sticking to a Book Buying Ban

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Sticking to a Book Buying Ban

Okay so maybe you want to crush your TBR and you don’t have the funds to continuously buy books so you want to put yourself on a book buying ban. But as soon as you say “Okay no more books” you immediately fill your cart and have a $200 bill. So how do you stay committed to not purchasing books? I’m here to try to help you. These are not full proof so please don’t tweet me receipts and say “Jamie this didn’t work and now you owe me $1345456456545 because I bought books even though I read your post”


The hardest one but the most important. I can think and say whatever, but if I still act on something then what’s the point? You have to be in the right mindset to NOT purchase books. But instead of thinking “I won’t buy books” which has your thinking about books, trying thinking “I am going to read two books I own today” or “I love the way my bookshelves are organized right now” to keep the focus on what you have rather than what you could have.

Set a Realistic Time Limit

Don’t say you will never buy another book again because that’s unrealistic. Say “this week I will not buy any new books” or “for the month of May I will not purchase any new books” Keep it realistic or else you will probably not succeed.

Don’t Feel Guilty About A Purchase

Okay so you said you wouldn’t buy a book but you did. No big deal! Just continue on but acknowledge that you shouldn’t have done it. You COULD have waited. And do better in the future!

Make Exceptions For Yourself

For me, I am a big fan of exceptions. So if you say “I’m not going to buy any books in the month of May” but that is when the final book in a series you are reading is coming out say “I’m not going to buy any books in the month of May EXCEPT X” because then you don’t have to feel guilty about it! And you still get to finish the series at the same time as everyone else.

Block The Websites

Download an extension of your computer to block the websites you frequent to buy books. This way you aren’t even tempted to go on and “take a look” and accidentally end up with 30 new books at your doorstep the next day. I use ** and you can set a timer for when you want to block them. I leave an hour open each day when I know I will be doing blog posts so I can add in purchase links for my reviews but once the hour is up I can’t access them, so I have to be speedy and efficient to finish my posts which doesn’t leave me any room to shop!

Remember Why You’re Doing It

If you are doing this to save money for a trip or to go to school or to pay bills, keep that in mind. Yes, books are great, but so is the rest of your life outside of books. You WANT to go on that trip so it isn’t as though you are taking away from yourself! In fact, you’re giving yourself something to look forward to! And think about all the books you can read on that trip!

That’s it!

I do really hope these help you in your quest to stop buying books when you need to. Take these with a grain of salt and make them your own so that they work for you.


Have you stuck to a book buying ban? How??

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5 responses to “Discussion: Sticking to a Book Buying Ban

  1. These are great tips! I don’t buy so often that I’ve ever had to put myself on a ban, but I do set up Kindle price drop alerts for books I like. I stubbornly often refuse to buy any ebook over $10. So that when they go on sale I get an email and can buy them so at least I’m saving money. Though I suspect a book buying ban is much harder for people that buy physical books. But then there’s the library which also helps

  2. I am working on a book ban for the month of June right now! These are great tips to get me motivated. Perfect timing for this post! Thank you.

  3. I am currently on a book ban still for a few weeks, I hope.
    I don’t have a ‘month book ban’, it’s more a ‘you need to read at least half of your unreading books’ ban — I’m going pretty well, I just made a single pre-order for August (AUGUST, it doesn’t even count) and I’ve bought two books for a friend’s birthday.
    I’ve been a good girl.

  4. In a totally unrealistic for most people tip: The closest b&n to me is half an hour away. I don’t really buy stuff online and the bookstores around here are poorly stocked. Thus, I go to used book sales to get books which saves money. However, people shouldn’t listen to me because I have 7 bookshelves. Full bookshelves. Mainly from when I lived ten minutes away from a b&n and my parents encouraged me buying books.

  5. All of these are great tips! I think the biggest one for me is the self control. I know I don’t need to buy new books RIGHT NOW, but does that stop me? 98% of the time, no, but I’ve been pretty good the past few weeks and haven’t bought…many.

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