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Bookish Business Cards

Howdy, folks! We’re here to talk to you today about something that makes you look professional on the outside even if you are unsure about the world on the inside (like us): business cards! Your blog is your business and you should want to share it with the world. Business cards are an easy way to give your contact information to people without having to wait for you to write things down or awkwardly spelling out your twitter username. These are great tools to keep in touch with people you meet as well.

Jamie has three different business cards: one for her blogs, one for being a professional HR person, and one for being a professional policy researcher. They are useful for different things, but what is on them is generally the same with minor variations.

If you are thinking about making business cards for your blog, here are some things I would suggest having on them depending on what you want to showcase.

*Please note: Dani and Jamie are going to show you their business cards. They both worked VERY HARD to make them so please DO NOT steal them to use for yourself with “minor” variations. That is bad. Don’t be bad.*


For Jamie, she wants to showcase that she is a Blogger and highlight all the blogs she contributes to. Jamie’s are the standard business card size but are vertical instead of horizontal. This means that her business cards are more “general” and don’t have her blog name on the front — just a picture.

On the back she has:

  • Her name
  • Her title (Blogger & Beta Reader)
  • Her twitter and instagram handles
  • Her email address
  • The blogs she contributes to, including the Names, web addresses, and a QR code that can be scanned to take you to each one individually

For Dani, hers are just for her blog Dani Reviews Things, so they are a little different. They are square in shape, as well. On the front, she has her blog title and header, which states “Dani Reviews Things” in her pretty colours and font. On the back she has:

  • Her name
  • Her blog’s web address
  • A QR code that can be scanned to take you to her blog
  • Her twitter handle
  • Her email address
  • Her Goodreads name

No matter what you want to achieve, the important part is that you have the following information on them:

  • Your name
    • Preferably your legal name so that if they contact you, they can send you things in the mail.
  • What you DO.
    • Are you a blogger? Do you beta read or proof read? Do you run a Street Team? Show off what makes you special and unique.
  • Contact information
    • Whether an email address, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, Facebook page, etc.
  • Where you do this thing you do.
    • Blog title and web address FOR SURE but adding a QR code is also helpful.

You want them to be unique, stand out, but also be a reflection of you. Do you have a specific image that you use for your blog header? You could make that the back of your card! Do you want something minimalist? Something bright? Whatever makes you, you is what you should showcase on the back of your card. Make it pop but also make it something that looks like someone would want to contact you in the future.

Remember that business cards are all about branding: if you have a brand, you will be remembered. Make sure it is a positive one.


Do you have business cards? What do you put on them?

About Jamie

Jamie lives over the ocean in a small town in Canada. She is a perpetual people pleaser, thus she took up a career path in Human Resources. She moonlights as a book blogger and catches up on Netflix shows when she is laying in bed wishing she could sleep.

She's been blogging at Books and Ladders since May 2015 and co-blogging at Queen of the Bookshelves since August 2015. Since Jamie can't ever really say no to a book, she reads all varieties of Science Fiction and Fantasy, YA Contemporary, YA Historical Fiction, and YA Fairy Tale/Mythology Retellings.

4 responses to “Discussion: Bookish Business Cards

  1. I love the “Dani Reviews Things” card it’s so cute. I recently got some business cards done myself since I opened up my bookish clothing shop at http://shop.ltlibrarian.com.

    But I’m not sure where I would use them outside of when sending customers packages. Where do you think it would be good for bloggers to use these? I’m trying to think of situations outside conferences.

    • Thank youuuu! I made these almost a year ago, so they don’t reflect all the many things I’ve started doing since… I’ll need to make some new ones!

      I hand them out when I go to events, like signings or conventions. I also include them in any cards and packages I send out in a blogger capacity (e.g. giveaway prizes). Finally, I also have little stickers that I put on packages, postcards, etc. You don’t just have to use business cards! You can be creative and get postcards made, or even bookmarks!

      • Signings and conventions makes a lot of sense, even for getting in contact with other bloggers.

        And Oh! Of course, giveaway prizes would be a perfect time for that. Thanks for the help!

        PS I have little stickers too, so cute 🙂

  2. I saw the cutest social media circle cards on etsy and thought– man, even though I already have business cards, I need those too!! Even though I totally don’t need them, they’re just adorable. I love your business cards… the scanning thing is a nice touch!!

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