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Here at BAMF we are always looking to shine the light on authors and their books. And what better way to do so than to hear about a book than from the author themselves? That’s why we have started our Pro Talks Feature where we interview an author about their book(s) and get the down low on characters, plot and anything else they want to share with us about their life as an author! You can find your next great read here.

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About The Book

Pro Talks: Briana MorganBlood and Water by Briana Morgan
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on October 30th 2015
ISBN: 1518696570
Pages: 228
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"Jay needed so many things. He needed Maia to be well. He needed a cure for both of them. He needed the world to somehow start making sense again. Above everything, he needed someone to tell him why these terrible things were happening to him."

Seventeen-year-old Jay Harris lives in a world struck down by a deadly virus. His parents are dead, along with half the planet. When Jay's sister Maia falls ill, he must find a cure before he loses her, too. But unbeknownst to Maia, Jay is also sick... and he's running out of time to save them both.

When Jay's friends tell him there might be a cure for him in France, he must decide whether to pursue it. The journey will be difficult and dangerous, especially in his weakened state, but with little time left-for himself and for Maia-it soon becomes clear there's no other choice.

Jay leaves the relative comfort of London to search for help, knowing he may never find it. Along the way, he experiences the effects of disaster on the bonds of friendship and fluctuating notions of family. These teens, decimated by a dangerous plague, face stark choices in their search for help, not knowing if their efforts will end in loss and pain.

Will Jay and Maia find a cure before the virus takes them?

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Today’s guest is …

Briana Morgan discussing Blood and Water, Touch, and Reflections!

BAMF: Describe BLOOD AND WATER in 10 words or less.

Briana Morgan: Teenagers dealing with life in the face of tragedy.

BAMF: What genre do you find yourself writing in most? Is this the same as what you read the most?

Briana Morgan: I read a lot of suspenseful thrillers, and I find myself leaning more towards suspense when I write as well.

BAMF: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Briana Morgan: That’s a big question! I want to make people think with my work. I don’t want to be famous. I want to be happy. Isn’t that what everyone wants, though? Publishing-wise, I think I’d like to go traditional someday, but I’m happy as an indie for now. I don’t know. Ask me again in a couple of years.

BAMF: What was your favourite scene to write in BLOOD AND WATER?

Briana Morgan:  had a lot of favorite scenes! Oddly enough, I liked the ending and some of the more dramatic scenes, which I won’t talk too much about for fear of spoiling the story. My favorite little moment of the book happens when the teens are walking through the Chunnel, Melanie steps on a rat, and Sean covers it with a candy bar wrapper. I love Sean, and that part is a brief reprieve from the gravity of their situation at that point.

BAMF: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Briana Morgan: Don’t worry about what people think. Do what makes you happy. And don’t get discouraged! Especially with writing. You’ll be okay, I promise.

BAMF: What is different about the London and France in BLOOD AND WATER than present day?

Briana Morgan: The London and France in BLOOD AND WATER are sparsely populated, having been ravaged by a global epidemic. Passage between them has been banned, but there are some loopholes if a person is desperate enough to look for them.

BAMF: Tell us a bit more about the main character, Jay. What are his motivations? How does he make decisions? What makes him a unique Main Character?

Briana Morgan: Oh my God, I love Jay. His actions throughout the novel are motivated by his desire to protect his loved ones from any pain. Unfortunately, in many ways, he ends up inflicting the very damage he hopes to shield them from. He’s in a terrible situation and he doesn’t think there’s really a way out. Even though he sees a storm on the horizon, he wants to do whatever he can to shelter his friends and family from the emotional fallout. Of course, he’s not entirely altruistic—he is a teenager, after all, and hormones and mood swings sometimes cloud his thinking and impair his better judgment.

BAMF: What kind of touch do you think is the most powerful?

Briana Morgan: I think casual touch is the most powerful. There’s something incredibly comforting in having someone touch your arm when they’re talking, bracing a hand against your lower back when guiding you somewhere. In other words, touch that doesn’t seem to have an ulterior motive. Touch that happens naturally.

BAMF: Why did you write TOUCH as a play and not a short story?

Briana Morgan: I’ve been involved in theatre since I was a child, and I love watching plays. I’ve tried my hand at writing plays before, but always ended up translating them into short stories. With TOUCH, I thought the idea would be interested to stage. I haven’t seen this play produced yet, but there’s a great deal that could be done with it. I would especially love to see how difficult the actors find not touching to be. I can’t imagine that would be an easy hurdle to overcome!

BAMF: Why did you write REFLECTIONS as an urban fantasy novel?

Briana Morgan: REFLECTIONS is my first urban fantasy novel. I knew I wanted to write a murder mystery, so it started out as just that, plain and simple. Then, I couldn’t get the idea of shapeshifters out of my head. What would a girl who hates her body think of the ability to change it? From there, the concept snowballed and evolved in a way that only the urban fantasy genre could suit.

BAMF: Can you tell us a little about the shapeshifter mythology without being too spoilery? What makes it unique in REFLECTIONS?

Briana Morgan: Oh, goodness. I wrote a whole blog post about what all went into developing a unique shapeshifter mythology. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun. Basically, my shapeshifters—Shifters, for short—draw their power from psychically charged crystals. Each Shifter has a unique crystal that only they can use. In addition, Shifters can’t just shift one feature—they have to shift every cell. So, for example, if they want to adopt someone else’s nose, they have to adopt every other feature of that person. And they can only shift into other humans. What else? A person can see a Shifter’s true form in reflective surfaces such as mirrors and water and in recordings like photographs. In that way, you could think of my shapeshifting as putting on a kind of “glamour,” in the fey sense of the word

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About Briana Morgan

My goal in life is to inspire people. I want to help writers and artists become their best selves, achieve their dreams, and reach their full potential. I want to make people feel good about themselves. Most importantly, I want to share my passion for writing with everyone.

I’m not sure how to describe my writing style. I believe in keeping language concise and strive to use simple words. I want my prose to feel lightweight and easy to read. On the whole, I write mostly YA and NA fiction, with some blogging thrown in to keep things exciting.

When not writing, you can find me watching films and dreaming about traveling the world. I speak English, Spanish, and a tiny bit of French. I have a cat named Mystee. I make my bed. If you want to know more about me, all you have to do is ask.

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