June #Bookstagram Challenge + Prompt Explanations!

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Hello everyone! Dani and I are having so much fun hosting instagram challenges so we have another one for you for the month of June! This one is all about the BADASS LADY Characters/People we love and admire. It can be any type of media you want to show off, so long as the characters you are featuring are female! You can use hashtag #BAMFLadies to participate on instagram and feel free to tag our BAMF account and our individual accounts in the pictures so we can see them as well.

Host Instagram Accounts:

  • BAMF: @booksaremyfandm
  • Dani: @dani_reviews
  • Jamie: @booksandladders

Here is the image!


In case you have any questions, here are some explanations of the prompts that may be a bit confusing!


Which books are your go-to for reading about BAMFs?

4th: BAMFitude

Which character do you emulate to have their attitude to get sh*t done? Show us! Alternatively, which character has the best attitude in the face of adversity?

5th: Emotional BAMF

Which female character isn’t afraid to let their emotions show but is still a BAMF? Jamie cries when she’s angry so she could stab you but also have salty tears in your wounds.


Which female character loves Science, Technology, Engineering and Math which fosters their ability to be a BAMF?

19th: BAMF Fangirls

Which BAMFs love OTHER BAMFs which makes them the MEGA BAMFS?

23rd: #TBT: My First BAMF

Who was the first female character that blew your mind and made you into a stronger person? SHOW US.

30th: BAMF Wrap-Up

Has this challenge introduced you to more BAMF characters? Which ones?


Are there any others that you need clarification for? Comment below or tweet us!

We will be more than happy to explain!

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