Stacking The Shelves (14): 24 April 2016

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Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It is a weekly meme to showcase the books we have bought, borrowed, received for review, or were given as a gift. As well, we will tell you a bit about the past week and what to expect in the upcoming week!

Dani’s Haul

I ordered THE DREAM THIEVES and BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE by Maggie Stiefvater for when I do my Raven Cycle binge. As part of the FairyLoot box this month, I am now an owner of THE GLITTERING COURT by Richelle Mead. Thanks to the power of Twitter, I also discovered EVERY HEART A DOORWAY by Seanan McGuire, which is now on my Kindle waiting for love. Honestly, guys, this book looks amazing.

One of the milestones in book blogging is getting your first unsolicited ARC from a publisher, and that happened to me yesterday! Hodderscape sent me POISON CITY by Paul Crilley, a magical crime book set in my home country, South Africa!!! I’m not even joking or exaggerating when I say that I CRIED.

I got a few eARCs as well, mostly because I recently actually went through my review requests and accepted a few to fill in the slots for July/August/September. (Yes, I am thinking that far ahead…) I immediately jumped on Joanne Macgregor’s YA dystopian book, RECOIL, since she’s a South African author, I love dystopias and I already enjoy her writing. I also added SCHISM by Britt Holewinski, DATING THE VILLAIN by Jason Krumbine, GATHERING FROST and WITHERING ROSE by Kaitlyn Davis and ALL THE FEELS by Danika Stone.

Finally, I also received my preorder swag from Julie Eshbaugh for ordering IVORY AND BONE! I have an envelope of cool bookmarks, a postcard, a nameplate and stickers! 😀 Oh, and Kathleen Smith sent me THE FANGIRL LIFE‘s digital workbook for preordering the book!


Jamie’s Haul

I’m doing really well to continue to save for my trip to BEA2017, so I didn’t purchase any new books this week! However, I got a couple pre-orders in! My copy of SUMMER OF SLOANE by Erin Schneider came in and the hardcover is GLORIOUS! As well, I received my copy of CONSIDER by Kristy Acevedo, which I loved! I also hosted the cover reveal for the second book, CONTRIBUTE, on my blog on Friday if you want to check it out. My pre-order of SCARLETT EPSTEIN HATES IT HERE by Anna Breslaw also came in this week!

My order of LAMENT by Maggie Stiefvater came in and I am just adding to my pile of things for Maggie to sign for me when I meet her next month. I also ordered a copy of A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS edited by Jessica Spotswood because I am going to meet her in May and thought I should get an extra copy signed.

I received a hardcover of WATER’S WRATH by Elise Kova that she signed and personalized to me! I traded with Aly for her ARC of TITANS by Victoria Scott and that came in the mail as well!


Last Week’s Top Stories

Bloggers: We opened up sign-ups for you guys to review a book with us for our monthly BAMF Reviews!

Authors: We opened up two different sign-ups for you! First is sign-ups for 2016 DEBUT AUTHORS to be part of a new feature we are starting next year, Where Are They Now? Click here to learn more and sign-up! Second, we opened up sign-ups for next year’s Pro Talks! We loved starting this feature and want to continue it into next year. Click here to learn more and sign-up! Want to be featured on our blog in a different way? Check out our Advertising and Spotlights page!

This week we shined a spotlight on ANOMALIES by Sadie Turner & Colette Freedman. We had April’s Pro Talk with S. Usher Evans on Tuesday and a WoW for a CUTE contemporary novel! Then on Friday we unveiled our May #bookstagram challenge and to cap the week off, Jamie convinced Dani to read UNICORN TRACKS by Julia Ember!

Watch For Next Week

Next week we have a Guest Post from Melanie McFarlane about her novel THERE ONCE WERE STARS. As well, we interview Shari Arnold about her book MYSTIQUE that Jamie loved! We are waiting on a book to end a series that neither Jamie nor Dani have caught up on yet. And to finish our week strong, we have our BAMF Review for THE TAMING OF THE DREW by Stephanie Kate Strohm.

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  1. TBH i’m a little jealous – i’ve been trying to control how many books i’m getting these past few months because the amount of books i have that i haven’t read yet is just increasing lmao. libraries are where i go these days. but yay for new books!

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