May #Bookstagram Challenge + Prompt Explanations!

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Hello everyone! Dani and I are having so much fun hosting instagram challenges so we have another one for you for the month of May! You can use hashtag #MayInstaBAMF to participate on instagram and feel free to tag our BAMF account and our individual accounts in the pictures so we can see them as well.

Host Instagram Accounts:

  • BAMF: @booksaremyfandm
  • Dani: @dani_review
  • Jamie: @booksandladders

Here is the image!


In case you have any questions, here are some explanations of the prompts that may be a bit confusing!

2nd: #MoodMonday: Happy

Which book makes you happy? Show us!

8th: Cool Chapter Headings

Do any of the books you own have a nifty design to start each chapter? What about titles? That’s what we want to see!

9th: #MoodMonday: Sad

Was there a book that made you cry? Show it off!

11th: Books You Keep Beside You

Which books do you have close to you at all times? On your bedside table, maybe? We want to see these books.

15th: Bad Cover But Good Book

We all judge books by their cover, let’s be honest. What is a book you’ve read that has a HORRIBLE cover but the book is so great that we shouldn’t judge the outside by what’s within?

16th: #MoodMonday: Love

You can interpret this two ways: either a book you LOVE or a book with great romance inside!

18th: Spell Your Name With Books

Take the spines of books to create your first name!

23rd: #MoodMonday: Joyful

Which book makes you want to squish it with a hug because it lifts your spirits up?

28th: Did Not Finish Book

What is the last book you have had to walk away from because you just weren’t enjoying it?

30th: #MoodMonday: Funny

Which book made you giggle to no end?

Are there any others that you need clarification for? Comment below or tweet us!

We will be more than happy to explain!

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