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A Bit About Jamie

JamieI have been reading stories for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid, I have always been critiquing the story, the characters, and their motives. For me, I love to read between the lines. I want to know the character’s ambitions and dreams, as well as their motives behind that. Since the majority of the books I read are Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Contemporary, I am able to see the tropes, typical plot lines, and understand the world building of these genres better than the average reader.

Jamie’s Upbringing

I was born and raised in a small town in Canada where I spent the majority of my free time reading. By the time I was 10, I had finished reading the entire Children’s section of my local library and had started amassing one of my own. I have now exhausted the Teen section and the majority of the Science Fiction and Fantasy sections of my local library and have a collection of approximately 700 books at home. I am more than your average reader.

In high school, I volunteered at both the school and the public library to help catalogue books. I took an interest in helping people edit their English papers for content and to help strengthen their arguments by giving helpful feedback and critiquing their choice of words and examples. As part of my Creative Writing class, I submitted a short story (a retelling of Cinderella) to a College Level Writing Competition and came in Third place.

I hold an Honours Bachelor degree in Political Science and an Ontario Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resources and am planning on going back to get my Master’s in Political Science. In university, I took Political Science and minored in Classical Studies, where I learned about mythology and history of the world around us. I studied all the classic texts in both English and Latin, while also taking some French to English translating courses. From this, I understand the importance of how to construct a story and what details are important and which can be taken out.

Around this time, I also started beta reading FanFiction. It was an eye opening experience for me as I saw people take a world and characters that were already created and turn them into their own stories and people. Over the course of two years, I beta read approximately 75 stories. I still read a lot of FanFiction and have posted many times about it on Dani’s blog.

I took the leap into the book blogging community in May 2015. Since I started, I have created a strong following of readers and authors alike. I currently am blogging on two other sites, Books and Ladders and Queen of the Bookshelves, where I review books and start discussions, while also helping to promote authors and their novels. I am active in street teams, discussions on books I have liked, and am always good to recommend a book that I have read and enjoyed.

The Books Jamie Enjoys

While I do enjoy a wide variety of genres and books, I believe that it is best for me to invest my time in a novel that I will enjoy. I tend to be pulled toward Science Fiction and Fantasy no matter the target age and shy away from romance novels, especially ones that guarantee a HEA. I also tend to enjoy books that have a heavy political aspect to it since I am a political science nerd. As well, I read a lot of graphic novels and manga volumes, so I am always partial to those kinds of stories.

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